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October 6, 2011

R.I.P Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011


September 7, 2011

Lord Ganesh

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Lord Ganesha at the Reading Hindu Temple.

January 26, 2011

Post from iPhone

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Just wanted to know how convenient it is to post from the iPhone. I seem to like it. The App serves the purpose.

I am yet discover the rest of the features of the app. So, that is all for now.

November 29, 2008

Mumbai Assault Over?

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Finally, after 60 hours of horror the assault on Mumbai is finally over. It is said that 3 more terrorists have been killed in the Taj and the NSG is running clear ups in the Taj.

It has also been said that they have a figure for the number of people dead in the Taj and seems to be much higher than expected. This mean the overall damage to human lives after the past 60 hours or so of the horror can be exceptionally high.

It is still not clear who these terrorists are. India has claimed that they have strong evidence about the involvement of Pakistan.

The Pakistan government now as earlier have made a U-turn regarding sending the ISI chief to India. I think the Indian government should what they can without the ISI support. I mean, why do we need the ISI? Aren’t we strong enough to make our own decisions?

I am glad that this horrific terror hours has finally come to an end. The aftermath of the attack is not likely to be that good also as the death toll keeps rising.

November 28, 2008

Mumbai assault still continues

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I am watching NDTV very anxiously as I am typing this post. The firing and explosions continues even after 54 hours of gun battle. I am sure that the NSG commandos are doing their best to put an end to this last hurdle at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Even the highly trained troops of the Indian security service are finding it difficult to capture the one or two (according to NDTV) terrorists.

This activity like being put by the media and the security officials shows that the terrorists are highly trained and motivated to do anything to make a mark on India. When is it going to end? Well no one knows anything. Everyone can just wait and watch and the events unfold gradually in the course of the third night of battle.

It is sad that the NSG could not save any of the hostages in Nariman House. I feel sorry for the two year old Israely child who was orphaned on his second birthday. I feel sorry many other who were also not lucky.

So, is it time for the people to finally start thinking rationally about their role as citizens of this wonderful and strong nation? Does the common man really think that Enough is Enough? Will they continue to boast about the spirit of India, spirit of Mumbai and what not?

Currently the city and the nation is in shock, anger and distress not only about the scale of the attack but also about the failure of the government and intelligence to avoid this attack. Cleaning up mess is probably the only thing that the goverment and politicians can do.

I heard on the news that there was some politician who was talking about a bandh in Mumbai on the 1st of December. They don’t learn their lessons after all.

Last battle is still on at the Taj. Hope it will end soon.

India’s 9/11 on 26/11

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It has been over 50 hours since the mumbai attacks began to unleash on the Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi Trident, Nariman House, CST Train Station and other places. It took all innocent people by surprise. Indians, foreign nationals, everyone. Even more surprising fact is that it came as a surprise to the Indian Government. There is a feeling of relief that this distressing act of terror is about to come to an end. The relief also comes with a feeling of sadness and sorrowfulness to know about the titanic nature of the loss of lives and injuries of the innocent people who had nothing to do with any of this.

I watched the news on Thursday evening on the BBCand ignored it for the evening thinking that it was one of many other attacks on the city of Mumbai in the past. But I really starting getting the grip of the intensity of this particular attack only the next morning. Since then I have tried to get as much information from the media over the internet and television about the latest happenings in the city. This is certainly the 9/11of India. 26/11 attacks is the biggest attack in the history of Mumbai in terms of the impact to the common man.

Once again, the politicians who lead our great “democratic” country have proved their incompetence in their position. It is again proved to me that these politicians are there to make a difference to them and not to the country. I must say I am not much into politics. But this event as it unleashes makes any common man of India make a judgement about the competence of the leaders of the country.

The un-inspiring robotic speech by our Prime Minister will not make any difference to the common man. The visits of the politicians to the hospitals and event sites are treated as a hindrance and nuisance.

There has been a serious failure of security. This should have never happened at all. There is no doubt that the Mumbai Police, the Marcos, the NSG has done a heroic job to save the innocent and obliterate the terrorists and they are doing the same as I am typing here. Not to forget the staff and other common people who played a heroic role to save lives. I salute the heroes. But the question again is how did these people sneak into the country through the Navy and coast guard vigil? Why it took those over 8 hours to reach the site. Why did the government take so much time to react to the situation.

I am sure I will have more reaction to this whole episode. But, the one thing that I would like to know is where Mr. Raj Thackeray is? Where are his MNS supporter who were ready to give life and take lives to get non amchisout of the state? Are they all sitting in a bunker and deciding which other citizens of the country that they can target next time? This is a time where I would have expected people like Mr. Raj Thakarey and his so called supporters to have come out in support of the needy. Where are you and your supporters Mr. Raj?

Over 150 people dead and over 320 people injured. This is not acceptable to any Indian. I am sure there is a change coming and hope that people will not take democracy for granted as they have been doing, some selected group going to the extent of giving it a new meaning, Gundaism.

Mumbai and India is in a terrible situation. Hope it all ends soon.

October 29, 2008

New look blog

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I got a little bored this evening and decided to change the theme for this blog. I have tried to have a simple theme this time. I like this theme it is simple and it is flexible width.

By they way a very happy Diwali to all readers.

March 26, 2008

Me is still there!!!!

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It has been a while since I logged into my blog let alone blogging. It has been exactly a year since my last post. I don’t quite know the reason. May be I was bored, may be I did not have anything to blog about, I don’t know. But I am still here and I plan to make some effort to keep the blog alive.

February 23, 2007

Nostalgic memories of MIT Manipal

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I just happened to think about the back old days when I was in college in MIT Manipal. I happen to find a few videos on YouTube of the college where I used to study back in those days. I saw the videos and realized so many things have changed in and around the campus in these years. The main block, and the other block which we used to call the new block (its not new anymore), the library block, the workshop blocks where we used to learn carpentry and metal fitting in our first year of university and last but not the least the off college hang outs, all these have changed considerably. All this creates and feeling of nostalgia within me. This also sometimes makes me feel sad about the fact that I did not have easy access to Internet technology then, to put up my memories on the Internet forever. Actually, Internet and having a computer at home were a very big and an immensly expensive affair in those times which actually are not long gone.

I had to put some of these up here so that I can get back to them when I need to.

This is another good video about life in Manipal:

It is a real challenge to keep in touch with all my mates from college. All have spread far across the globe. Even in this Internet age, I find it hard to keep in touch. But, I do try hard to keep in touch with as many people as I possibly can.

I don’t know how many of you are in touch will your mates from college?

February 6, 2007

Hurray! All blogger posts imported

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Hurray!! Finally, wordpress has given me what I wanted before I moved completely to wordpress and that is importing all my posts (not a huge number though) from my blogger blog into here. This is really great. Now I hope to bid good bye to blogger and continue blogging here. Thanks very much guys.

I had a few javascript problems during imports on Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). But I managed it alright with FireFox.

I did have to edit a couple of posts as wordpress says a big NO to javascripts in posts. I had a few flickr badges that use javascripts and they were not showing up. So I had to remove them and set them as links to the albums on my flickr.

End result is that I am quite happy with the results and I would continue on this amazing arena.

February 2, 2007


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Welcome to my new blog on wordpress. I have been blogging on blogger till now until Tom told me about wordpress. This is really cool and I like the settings and ease of publishing posts on wordpress.

I started this blog with an intention of moving all my blog posts from blogger to here. This was not possible as I upgraded my old blogger login to my google email account. Later I learnt that wordpress could not import blog posts from the new blogger that uses the google email logins. This put me off a bit.

The one new thing I learnt today is that we could publish blog posts on blogger as well as wordpress from Microsoft Word 2007. This is a real cool feature of Word 2007. The only problem with posting on blogger is that it (blogger) does not accept images from Word 2007 or for the matter of fact, from any other publishing tool I reckon.

So this is my first post on my new blog directly from Microsoft Word 2007. I hope to get all my posts migrated from blogger some day. I hope to blog regularly here. I am still in two minds, whether to discontinue blogger and make this my primary blog. And until I make up my mind, I would still keep my blogger account active.

Here is the snapshot of Word 2007 blog publishing tool.

April 16, 2006

Please leave a message

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I just happened to check the hit list on this blog. There are many people all over the world who are searching for “vikram kamath” and ending up on this blog. Its a good thing. But I would like to know who you are, just in case i know you. So, I request you to leave a message or a comment on the blog so that possible old friends can get back in touch again.

Cheers and thanks.

April 2, 2006

Fiat gone, Nissan in!!

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Got rid of the Fiat Brava last tuesday and bought this Nissan Primera Precision.

January 6, 2006

Will previewSEEK supersede Google?

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There is a new competitor for the amazing Google on the internet . Its called the previewSEEK.

The company, based in the UK, claims that their search engine will supersede Google because of their patent algorithms in artificial intelligence, Bayesian statistical data mining, word-sense disambiguation, cognitive visualization theory, heterogeneous database querying technologies, and behavioral psychology. Click here to find out what more they have to say.

I tried it. It looks cool. But for now I would still rely on Google for my searches, whilst I test and compare results with previewSEEK. I am not sure about the future.

I still can’t figure out why would anyone try and compete with Google?

Another small beta for James to play with I reckon.

There is more. There is Clusty as well.

January 5, 2006

Exony opens U.S. operations in the Hub

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Exony is going global now. Here are some news about Exony going global.

UK IP Communications Software Expert Launches North American Operation


Exony sees massive opportunity in growing market

Leading UK IP communications software solutions provider, Exony, has established its North American operational HQ in Boston, Massachusetts. Exony Inc will bring the expertise of the company’s leading contact centre and customer interaction technology to the US and Canadian markets, where several leading players have already been working with its products.

Exony specialises in communications software solutions for contact centres and its UK customers include Cable & Wireless, Energis and the UK’s leading TV auction channel, sit-up.

The group chose Boston as the headquarters for its North American operation as the area provides a ready pool of highly skilled resource, strong infrastructure, a technology heritage and is conveniently located for both existing partners and potential customers.

“We see a great opportunity in the US and Canada for Exony’s products and services capabilities,” said Ian Ashby, CEO of Exony. “It’s a very sizeable market, including many potential end-user and service provider customers in the sectors in which we specialise – financial services, retail, service industries and government. Initial feedback from North American customers has been extremely positive. We see this as a very significant opportunity for Exony to continue its rapid growth.”

Exony Inc will be launched with an initial Sales and Services team working with new accounts and supporting existing customers. Ashby continued; “The effective management of customer interactions is becoming a critical component of all organisations. We believe that North American organisations will need to invest in order to keep ahead of their competitors in the area of customer service provision. This is where Exony comes in, and this is why I see such an opportunity for the company to make a significant impact on the North American market.”

For more information visit us at Exony.

Continuing with the news, the following article was published in Mass High Tech – The Journal of New England Technology:

Exony opens U.S. operations in the Hub

01/04/2006 15:08 PM

U.K.-based communications software consultant Exony said it has established a North American headquarters in Boston.

Exony specializes in software for sectors such as finance, service, retail and governments. Customers include telecommunications company Energis.

Officials said they chose Boston as the headquarters for its North American operation because the area provides an existing pool of highly skilled workers, a strong infrastructure and a technology heritage. Also, Boston is near both existing partners and potential customers.

Company Chief Executive Ian Ashby said both the United States and Canada present the company with a chance for rapid growth.

Exony Inc. will be launched with a sales and services team working with new accounts and supporting existing customers, officials said.

Keep watching.

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