Vikram Kamath

January 5, 2006

Exony opens U.S. operations in the Hub

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Exony is going global now. Here are some news about Exony going global.

UK IP Communications Software Expert Launches North American Operation


Exony sees massive opportunity in growing market

Leading UK IP communications software solutions provider, Exony, has established its North American operational HQ in Boston, Massachusetts. Exony Inc will bring the expertise of the company’s leading contact centre and customer interaction technology to the US and Canadian markets, where several leading players have already been working with its products.

Exony specialises in communications software solutions for contact centres and its UK customers include Cable & Wireless, Energis and the UK’s leading TV auction channel, sit-up.

The group chose Boston as the headquarters for its North American operation as the area provides a ready pool of highly skilled resource, strong infrastructure, a technology heritage and is conveniently located for both existing partners and potential customers.

“We see a great opportunity in the US and Canada for Exony’s products and services capabilities,” said Ian Ashby, CEO of Exony. “It’s a very sizeable market, including many potential end-user and service provider customers in the sectors in which we specialise – financial services, retail, service industries and government. Initial feedback from North American customers has been extremely positive. We see this as a very significant opportunity for Exony to continue its rapid growth.”

Exony Inc will be launched with an initial Sales and Services team working with new accounts and supporting existing customers. Ashby continued; “The effective management of customer interactions is becoming a critical component of all organisations. We believe that North American organisations will need to invest in order to keep ahead of their competitors in the area of customer service provision. This is where Exony comes in, and this is why I see such an opportunity for the company to make a significant impact on the North American market.”

For more information visit us at Exony.

Continuing with the news, the following article was published in Mass High Tech – The Journal of New England Technology:

Exony opens U.S. operations in the Hub

01/04/2006 15:08 PM

U.K.-based communications software consultant Exony said it has established a North American headquarters in Boston.

Exony specializes in software for sectors such as finance, service, retail and governments. Customers include telecommunications company Energis.

Officials said they chose Boston as the headquarters for its North American operation because the area provides an existing pool of highly skilled workers, a strong infrastructure and a technology heritage. Also, Boston is near both existing partners and potential customers.

Company Chief Executive Ian Ashby said both the United States and Canada present the company with a chance for rapid growth.

Exony Inc. will be launched with a sales and services team working with new accounts and supporting existing customers, officials said.

Keep watching.


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