Vikram Kamath

July 14, 2005

New house No Internet No Television and I am seeing a doctor tomorrow!!

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I moved into a new home (on rent of course) in the beginning. Since then I have been trying to sort out a lot of things for the house like some furniture, a microwave etc. The last two things that are left is the internet and the Television. How frustrating it can be when you come back home in the evening and there is not internet or television. It sometimes is frustrating (at least to me!!!). Even If I get the television, which I will be this weekend, I am not allowed to have sky because my landlord doesn’t want any holes to be drilled through the walls of his house. Frustrating, because It means I cannot watch any Indian channels. No National Reporter, no Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii. But I reckon I should have had all this sorted out before deciding to take the house on rent.

Even for the internet I will have to rely on the telephone line. I have got the telephone line now. But I need to call them and ask them to disconnect the ADSL thing on the line before I can subscribe to any of the Internet providers. I have not found time to that also. Hope to get things sorted out by this weekend.

The next thing that is kind of worrying me is my skin problem. I am currently having an attack of eczema. Its all over my skin on my limbs. Its in one of its worst stage since I have had it about 10 years now. Doctors say it cant be cured but can be prevented. Prevention is better that cure ha!. I have already had large dosage of Antibiotics, steroids and anti allergic in all these years most of which I spent in India. I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow for the same for the first time since I have been in the UK. I hope all goes well as I don’t want to surprise him with my so called negligence.

So wish me luck!!


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