Vikram Kamath

June 30, 2005

New Look and Feel

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I finally managed to find time and energy to get a new look and feel to this blog. I managed to actually play with HTML and style sheets after ages to get something better. I tried a couple of times earlier this week to sit with HTML and style sheets of my previous skin and try to make it better. But I lost my patience scrolling up and down the code and finally gave it up each time. This time I felt a little wiser by choosing a very simple skin and it did not take much time for me to fine tune it.

The previous skin was kind of good when I started the blog. It was after my last post that I realised it did not solve the purpose. And this time I tried and make it as simple as possible. At least I like it.

I have got to get going now. I am in the process of moving into a new home. I will be moving on Saturday and the whole house is in a big mess with cartons and bags and what not all over. Need to sort out and get packing now. More blogging later!!


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