Vikram Kamath

April 20, 2005

Poker Session

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I just had a good round of poker with colleagues and I thought this should be another reason for me to continue my blog. I play poker for the first time in my life. And tell you what!! I enjoyed every bit of it.

I was quite reluctent initially to play, as I have never fancied playing cards or gamble anywhere. It may be because, I did not have the patience to sit in one place with a set of cards for hours and hours together as my friends did in college. Another reason may be (subconsciously) that I was a little afraid of a humiliating defeats in the game of cards that my friends had back in college.

After the session, I thought I did the right thing to pool in. It was indeed a great session. Althought I tried hard to hang in there for as long as I could, but the odds were against me.

Anyways, we did not play for real money. It was just a reason to socialize after work, once a month, which got kicked off today.

I liked it and enjoyed it to the fullest. I hope to continue this enthusiasm for the game in future as well. So, all of those who never played poker, you can learn to play poker here, and even here. Give it a Shot!!!!!!!!



  1. Can I have another 10 pounds of that fake money we were playing with? 🙂

    Comment by James Snape — April 21, 2005 @ 08:49

  2. yup!!!! definetely. Let me know when we are playing next… I suppose it would be after i come back from India.. And wont be single anymore.. Will have good time during the game with my phone ringing every now and then…:-)

    Comment by Vikram Kamath — April 21, 2005 @ 10:02

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