Vikram Kamath

January 26, 2005

Am Back!…….. Again:-)

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Since my last post there have a lot of changes in my life. That’s in just over a month! I am happy about a lot of things. But a little nervous too about certain decisions that I had taken. I have kept my first step into a new life.

I have been home back in India during Christmas. Met my folks, my younger brother, relatives and the one special person who has made my world a better place to live. Had a wonderful new year, although did not do much. I spent my new year with my family at home.

I would want to post some pictures too. I hope I can get a little more determined about doing what I intend to do; or atleast try.

Also, heard the song Bulleh! Ki Jaana Mein Kaun by Rabbi Shergill? I like it and I would love to have a mp3 from somewhere of the some. A little more about the song with Sameer Ahuja for the lyrics and the meaning. A little more about it here. If you would like to listen to this song by Rabbi its here. Enjoy.


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