Vikram Kamath

November 4, 2004

Exony Bloggers

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November 3, 2004

My first picture on my blog

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This is a good Autumn picture that i took. I thought i would start with this picture.

I am still here!

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I have been on an off on the blog…or to say am off before even i started blogging. But i guess I am not the usual software geeks who dont do anything than sitting in from of the laptop and fidling with the key board…..

But yes… I have started getting the hang of reading others’ blogs and improving my knowledge.

Other than work I am not doing much… But looking forward for the weekend… There is a get together of the GSB and SB community of the UK at Twickenham. Hope to meet a lot of people there…as I miss India a lot…. My home my parents… miss them a lot…. It will be a while before i visit India… Hope it would been sooon…

More Later… Happy Blogging…

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